Health Policy Grand Rounds

Each election cycle, we a series of individual conversations with candidates and special guests on the subjects of health care and health policy in America. We call these conversations Health Policy Grand Rounds.

Health Policy Grand Rounds is modeled after Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center's Clinical Grand Rounds. Health Policy Grand Rounds offers an educational forum for our staff and provides policymakers with an excellent opportunity to discuss health care policy in general, and to offer details on their own specific initiatives. 

Health Justice Adds Value

Speaker: Philip M. Alberti, PhD
Senior Director, Health Equity Research and Policy.
Founding Director, AAMC Center for Health Justice

Video recording: Health Justice Adds Value

What does it mean for medicine to be the best partner it can be in advancing health equity? Part of the answer is owning and achieving health care equity to ensure all patient populations have equitable access to high-quality medical care. This presentation will develop a common understanding of important terms (equity, health justice, community engagement, etc.) and explore the promise value-based care and alternative payment models hold for maximizing medical care’s contributions to population health equity.

ECHO – Political Determinants of Health 

Video recording: Project ECHO Political Determinants of Health

Political determinants of health include the governmental systems, structures, and policies that impact access to health and necessary resources. Proposed policies, enacted laws and promulgated rules directly influence the health and economic prosperity of our communities. To break down political determinants of health, Dartmouth Health hosted a Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) series titled “The Political Determinants of Health: Policies to Advance the Health & Economic Prosperity of New Hampshire Communities.” 

  • Session 1: Building on Social Determinants of Health
  • Session 2: Immunization and COVID Safety Bills
  • Session 3: Social Safety Nets: A Rising Tide to Lift all Boats
  • Session 4: Infrastructures that Support Health 
  • Session 5: Access to Health: Geography and Workforce
  • Session 6: Influencing Macro Change

Addressing the Gender Gap: Advocacy Tactics and Lessons Learned from Women in Politics

Video recording: Addressing the Gender Gap: Advocacy Tactics and Lessons Learned from Women in Politics