Who Is Dartmouth Health?

Dartmouth Health is a system of community hospitals, clinics and healthcare services across New Hampshire and Vermont. Our system includes:

We have forged ourselves into one, best-of-class, highly integrated, cohesive healthcare system grounded in outstanding medical expertise… and we call it Dartmouth Health.

Map of Dartmouth Health service locations in Vermont and New Hampshire
You’ll find Dartmouth Health locations throughout New Hampshire and Vermont.

We are your neighbors

We are committed to the health and well-being of the communities we serve. Whether you're seeking preventive care, facing a life-threatening disease or rare condition, or experiencing a grave personal emergency, you can count on us to be at your side.

Our local community centered-hospitals, in-home care and highly coordinated teams of medical professionals are right where you need us, in your communities.

We work tirelessly for the benefit of our patients and our communities, even beyond the walls of our hospitals and facilities. We are dedicated to addressing health disparities and inequities that affect public health by forging local partnerships, fostering outreach programs and engaging in population health initiatives. We respect the dignity, diverse identities and individual backgrounds of each of our patients.

This is what neighbors do for neighbors. And when you have world-class healthcare on your side, it’s good to know that however, whenever, and wherever you might need us, we’re right here, right now.

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How we became Dartmouth Health

Patients working with hand weights as part of a cardiac rehabilitation class

Healthcare innovation and compassionate care is rooted in our long history. While our system has been through many changes over the past 200 years, we have always been determined to make the most advanced medical care accessible to our patients and families—wherever they may be.

To deliver on this promise, we have not only expanded our network and resources throughout our region, but have been working diligently to ensure our delivery of medical excellence and compassionate care is seamless wherever you receive care. As an integrated, collaborative network, all of our patients have access to the most qualified specialists, innovative research and high standard of care.

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World-class care

Our excellent reputation is grounded in our deep relationships with the world-class Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and the NCI-designated Comprehensive Dartmouth Cancer Center. Advanced clinical trials and medical science are performed at our academic medical center—Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

An adult holding a newborn's hand in the intensive care nursery

These partnerships allow us to apply the best medical expertise available throughout our healthcare system. Together, we work seamlessly to provide our state-of-the-art science and individual attention to your specific needs.

Wherever and however you come into the Dartmouth Health family, you’ll receive world-class care in a friendly and welcoming environment. From the reception area to the treatment room, we never lose sight of the fact that every patient interaction is a human interaction.

Led by the best research, innovation and medical minds in the world, we are breaking boundaries and pushing medicine to new heights. Going the distance, so the people in our communities don’t have to go far at all.

Because the very best care anywhere is right here at home. Where it matters most.