Center for Advancing Rural Health Equity

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Aerial view of field in Windsor, VT
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Making sure everyone has a fair shot at a healthy life

Rural health equity means that all people living in rural areas can live their healthiest lives. A healthy life includes living a life free from discrimination and unfair treatment. It also means having access to:

  • Healthcare and social services
  • Safe neighborhoods and places to live
  • Reliable transportation
  • Healthy foods
  • Working wages that support basic needs
  • Community policies that are fair to all people

Dartmouth Health launched the Center for Advancing Rural Health Equity (CARHE) in 2022 to help foster partnerships and programs to make sure everyone has a fair shot at a healthy life, no matter who they are or where they live.

Building strong relationships for the health of our rural communities

Our mission is to make sure that people in rural areas have the chance to live healthy lives. Learn about:

We established the Center for Advancing Rural Health Equity in 2022. Watch our video to learn more about the goals for this new Center.

What is rural healthcare?

Rural healthcare is the healthcare available to people living in rural areas. Rural residents typically have to travel longer distances for emergent and specialty care and have poorer health than those living in metropolitan areas.

What causes health disparities in rural areas?

  • Rural populations are older and sicker than many populations in urban areas and have higher rates of poverty.
  • It can be hard for people in rural communities to socialize and build support networks.
  • People of color and people who experience barriers in our society because of their identity can find it challenging to have fair access to health and healthcare in a rural area, where the number of people who share that identity may be small or widely dispersed throughout a region.
  • Our rural geography makes it hard for health systems to reach everyone who needs care.

2023 annual report

Read about our first year of work at CARHE in our 2023 Annual Report (PDF).

2023 highlights

Read highlights of our 2023 accomplishments in our Annual Snapshot (PDF).

CARHE overview

Read an introduction to CARHE and an overview of our mission, vision, and values (PDF).