Health Policy

Office of Government Relations

Dartmouth Health is a stakeholder in health care public policy at the state, regional, and federal levels.

Our government relations team:

  • Facilitates relationships with key government officials and agencies
  • Identifies opportunities for public policy involvement
  • Represents Dartmouth Health on public policy issues
  • Participates in various coalitions with external partners

We believe our staff, physicians, volunteers, and the public in general need to stay abreast of the trends that could affect Dartmouth Health and our health care system.

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Office of Government Relations

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Matthew Houde, Courtney Tanner, and Alison MacDonald
Matthew Houde, Courtney Tanner, and Alison MacDonald

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Matthew Houde, Vice President, Government Relations

Alison MacDonald, Vice President, Policy and Federal Affairs

Courtney Tanner, Director, Government Relations