Dartmouth Cancer Center partners with Ride Hard Breathe Easy in support of lung cancer patients and caregivers

Doctor holding a patient's hand

Dartmouth Cancer Center and Ride Hard Breathe Easy (RHBE) have joined forces in the fight against lung cancer. A partnership born out of a shared commitment to support patients and caregivers affected by lung cancer, Ride Hard Breathe Easy’s inaugural gift will assist lung cancer patients and their families with the non-treatment costs associated with a lung cancer diagnosis.

“We are grateful for Ride Hard Breathe Easy's support of our lung cancer patients. We see our patients at a vulnerable time and need support to ease their cancer journey,” said Steven D. Leach, MD, Director of Dartmouth Cancer Center. “With RHBE’s support, we will help those in the greatest need by funding groceries, transportation, lodging, and more. We are excited to partner with an amazing organization like RHBE that shares our values and commitment to easing the suffering of lung cancer patients.”

Started in 2017, Ride Hard Breathe Easy was founded by John Matthews and inspired by his mother, Kathleen’s, journey with lung cancer. Matthews promised her that he “would do something” and six years later RHBE has helped hundreds of patients and caregivers dealing with the financial stress of a lung cancer diagnosis. RHBE’s mission is to alleviate the suffering of lung cancer patients and their caregivers, by raising awareness, supporting early detection, assisting patients, and working to end the stigma associated with the disease. More information about RHBE can be found at www.rhbe.org.