Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

What are employee resource groups?

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All ERGs are open to all Dartmouth Health employees, including faculty, students, interns and fellows.

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Employee resource groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led, employer-recognized groups of people who join together based on shared interests, identities, or life experiences. ERGs create a positive and safe space for:

  • Allyship
  • Friendship and support
  • Personal and professional development

ERGs collaborate to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at Dartmouth Health and in the community.

What is allyship?

Even if you don’t identify with a group’s life experiences, you can still get involved by joining an ERG. By joining you can learn about the group and show your support in allyship with others.

Allyship involves:

  • Getting to know people
  • Asking and learning about their experiences
  • Being curious and open minded
  • Understanding the issues that are important to them
  • Aligning with efforts to improve their circumstances

Why is Dartmouth Health supporting ERGs?

We are committed to creating a workplace where our people can connect with each other, develop shared purposes in alignment with our values and mission, and create a sense of belonging. ERGs enable our people to build meaningful and diverse social relationships while partnering with Dartmouth Health to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Employees at an inclusive yoga class

Our Employee Resource Groups: fostering connections in the community

Employee Resource Groups at Dartmouth Health are creating a sense of belonging for employees and bridging partnerships in the community.

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Ways to be involved

There are many ways you can get involved with ERGs. You can:

  • Join an ERG: All ERGs are open to all Dartmouth Health employees (full- and part- time), including faculty, students, interns and fellows. Learn about our current ERGs, then join online.
  • Attend events hosted by an ERG: All ERGs are open to all employees (full- and part- time) of every member of the Dartmouth Health system, including faculty, students, interns and fellows. Find out about upcoming ERG events on our Activities & Events intranet page (you must be on the network to access this page).
  • Promote ERG initiatives within your own department or location: You can find a full calendar of ERG events on our Employee Resource Groups intranet pages (you must be on the network to access these pages).
  • Assist with an ERG initiative or event planning
  • Help organize or lead a group: Are you interested in starting a new ERG? Resources are available for a limited number of new ERGs in FY23. Please review the ERG Handbook (PDF) then contact us at belonging@hitchcock.org.

Structure and governance of employee resource groups

Each ERG is led by Organizers who demonstrate a high degree of personal commitment to helping develop the group. At least one Organizer from each ERG serves on the Affinity and Belonging Council (ABC), which is the coordinating and governing body for all ERGs. The ABC is a safe space for storytelling, collaboration, and community-building. The Council meets by WebEx the second and fourth Friday of each month.

Our guiding principles

  • Respect: Have due regard for people’s feelings, wishes, rights or traditions.
  • Open heartedness: Welcome others to show themselves, exercise generosity and respect privacy.
  • Belonging: Care for the whole community and all of its members.
  • Restorative practice: Focus on repairing harms and strengthening relationships (rather than retribution or retaliation).
  • Civility: Share beliefs and values through respectful exchanges, and be willing to have views and biases challenged by others.
  • Empathy: Understand other persons from within their frame of reference.
  • Positivity: Identify and build upon strengths, what is working well, or what inspires us.

Current employee resource groups

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) ERG

The Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) ERG provides a support network and promotes allyship for AAPI employees, celebrates the diversity within AAPI, advances AAPI issues, and champions AAPI recruitment, retention, and engagement within Dartmouth Health. We aim to establish a welcoming space to develop friendships, share experiences, and learn from one another. Our coming together will elevate awareness as we stand in solidarity with others who promote belonging and inclusivity.

Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) ERG

The Dartmouth Health Black Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) ERG promotes unity, provides support, and enables professional advancement and advocacy for BIPOC faculty, staff and students. We partner with Dartmouth Health and allies to equip members with tools, knowledge, and resources to contribute to the community in meaningful ways. We are building on the pillars of community, mentorship, professional development, and empowerment, and we embrace the values of cultural humility, respect, honesty, integrity, and support.

Embody+ ERG

The purpose of the Embody+ ERG is to meet and discuss how we begin changing the narrative about what constitutes wellness, health, and acceptance as it relates to body size within our workplace and local community. We take a health at every size approach. We welcome as friends, allies, and members, regardless of weight or body size, all people who want to work toward breaking down the stigma around body size and body shaming.

Emerging Leaders ERG

The Emerging Leaders ERG fosters networking, free-thinking, allyship and community in order to cultivate the next generation of leaders for Dartmouth Health. We seek to make a difference by enabling our colleagues to explore career paths in the healthcare system, to meet new people, to expand their knowledge and expertise, and to develop mentoring relationships.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance ERG

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance ERG nurtures community between peers and allies by bonding over shared experiences and sharing our authentic selves. We work together to maintain and grow a supportive environment where everyone thrives.

International ERG

The International Employee Resource Group (IERG) provides a support network for international employees, fosters allyship among employees, and promotes opportunities for recruitment, retention, recognition, and engagement of international employees within Dartmouth Health. We advance cultural appreciation and positive self-identity among our members, and we form partnerships to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for all employees.

Military ERG

The purpose of the Military ERG is to bring together military service members, veterans, families and supporters to create a welcoming environment at Dartmouth Health. We work together to build this community by connecting employees who have served or are currently serving, including their families; supporting spouses and dependents during service member’s deployment; encouraging career exploration and growth with our organization; building relationships and connections with the broader military community; and nurturing a deeper understanding of the unique experience of serving as a member of the military community.

Remote ERG

The purpose of the Remote Employee Resource Group is to create a welcoming environment, foster a supportive community, and promote collaboration to address the unique challenges faced by Dartmouth Health employees who work remotely, enhancing overall engagement and well-being.

Working Parents and Caregivers ERG

The Working Parents and Caregivers ERG is founded on the notion that, no matter what led us here, we are all balancing the demands of work and family life. This group creates community and support for all parents and caregivers working in our health system. We believe this community faces additional challenges besides typical work-life challenges. We need to know we're not alone in our struggles and can come together and find creative and innovative ways to support this subset of employees.

Employee Resource Group Handbook

Our comprehensive ERG Handbook (PDF) provides definitions of ERGs and their structure, and describes the benefits, activities, guiding principles, and practices of ERGs at Dartmouth Health. The handbook also provides guidelines for organizing an ERG and the Dartmouth Health policies governing ERGs.

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Want to know more? Interested in starting a new ERG? Have questions about how to participate? Contact us at belonging@hitchcock.org.