Development and Education

Our environment of continual learning and collaboration supports our physicians and staff. We believe that every employee can have an impact on our mission and vision. Education and professional development are critical components of every employee's job description.

Our commitment to on-the-job employee education starts with your first day. Every new hire attends general orientation followed by additional department-based training. Work experience and role determine the need for department-based training.

Tuition reimbursement and continuing education may be available for job-related courses. Reimbursement may be available for staff who require a license to perform their clinical role.

Professional development courses

The Dartmouth Health department of Organizational & Employee Development (OED) is pleased to offer a variety of professional development courses to Dartmouth Health member organizations.

Our courses — covering diverse topics from communication to social and emotional intelligence — are briefly described below. Detailed descriptions of each course, upcoming session dates, and registration information may be found on our registration form, and on the OED intranet site. For information about accessing the intranet from a remote location, please visit Secure Access.

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Summary of courses we offer

A Guide to Better Communication 101 and 102

These programs will provide methods and information to analyze and improve your own communication and help you help others. Successful completion of this course will increase your knowledge and ability to communicate effectively.

Mentoring and Onboarding New Staff

Learn about the concepts and skills necessary for the onboarding of new employees. Explore adult learning styles, communication, giving feedback and new employee preferences.

Managing Performance

A comprehensive workshop for Dartmouth Health leaders interested in continuous performance management, conducting effective check-in conversations, and best practices of ongoing feedback.

Conflict Resolution

Learn about conflict. How does it affect our relationships both at work and at home? Why do we behave this way? This class is filled with discussion, activities, and tools that will better help you to understand, prevent, and resolve conflict.

DiSC in the Workplace

Assess your DiSC behavior style and learn ways to recognize and work effectively with other styles. Gain insights into your work behavior style and its impact on team relationships.

Enhancing Virtual Facilitation and Teaching

This 2-hour live and interactive virtual course is designed for new and experienced online educators looking for resources and best practices for virtual facilitation.

Learn How to Learn Online

If you are new or experienced in online learning, join us for this 30-minute instructor-led training course where you will learn best practices for maximizing your engagement in the online classroom.

Social and Emotional Intelligence

Self-awareness is the heart of effectiveness. Learn how Emotional Intelligence can enhance your professional relationships and increase productivity.