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Back Roads and Highways: My Journey to Discovery on Mental Health by John Broderick

John Broderick
John Broderick, Sr. Director of External Affairs at Dartmouth Health in New Hampshire.

In his forthcoming book, John Broderick details his family's experience with mental health and his personal mission to educate young people and their families about the warning signs of mental health problems and impending crises.

Broderick has shared his story–and insights–with tens of thousands of students and adults throughout New England and beyond over the past several years in an effort to change the conversation and end the stigma around mental health. A former Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court, Broderick calls this 'the most important work of my life.' It is an important and heartfelt story, coming at a critical time in our history.

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Any net proceeds of the sale of the book will go to the fund that John Broderick has set up to support psychiatric services at Dartmouth Health.

About the author

John was a civil trial lawyer in New Hampshire for 22 years, something he dreamed of becoming since the seventh grade. He graduated from Holy Cross College and the University of Virginia Law School. He served on the New Hampshire Supreme Court for 15 years and served as its Chief Justice for seven of those years. After leaving the court he became dean of the law school at the University of New Hampshire.

Because of his oldest son's unrecognized suffering with mental illness that began when he was 13 years old and John's mistakes in failing to see it for what it was and deal with it appropriately, his family went on a very public and painful journey in New Hampshire. But they all survived and healed. During the last six years with the unfailing support of Dartmouth Health for whom he now works, John has traveled almost 100,000 miles in his black Jeep throughout New England on the REACT campaign. He has talked to tens of thousands of middle school and high school students in countless gyms and auditoriums about mental health awareness and has spoken to tens of thousands of adults, too. He describes his odyssey as the most important work he has ever done.

In his travels on backroads and highways to speak to audiences of all ages, his eyes have been opened to all the people and families dealing with mental health challenges who are too often struggling to find care. As a result of all the many hugs and confided conversations he has experienced in his travels these last six years, he is fiercely committed to changing the shameful culture and stigma around mental illness that have kept too many people feeling alone, afraid and in the shadows for generations. He is dedicated to doing all he can–especially for children–to advocate for a real mental health system in America. We have never had one.

John currently serves as Sr. Director of External Affairs at Dartmouth Health in New Hampshire.