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When it comes to cancer, is it better to know?

Cancer screenings can save lives. But what if your worst fear comes true?

Injured? Hold the ice and start moving

Learn why rest and ice can hinder the healing process of an orthopaedic injury, such as a twisted ankle or a pulled hamstring.

Is Ozempic a miracle cure?

Experts share the pros and cons of the most talked about drug in America.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) on the rise

Chances are you are aware of someone on the autism spectrum. The increase in diagnoses has its upsides and its challenges, too.

Boost your brain power

Your brain is the most complex organ in your body. Learn how to maintain your brain's health.

Social media and teen mental health

Learn about social media's role in teenage girls' and boys' mental health and how you can help.

Should you cold plunge?

Studies have linked cold plunging to treating depression and improving mood. It can boost levels of dopamine and endorphins, creating alertness and happiness.

What happens when you have a heart attack?

Heart attack symptoms can be challenging to recognize; however, the outcome for most heart attack patients is optimistic.