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Winter Wilderness First Aid training seminar

Nurses, EMTs learn life-saving rescue skills during Dartmouth Health's Winter Wilderness First Aid training seminar

First time Dartmouth Health has offered first aid training for austere winter scenarios.

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Dartmouth Health Arts and Humanities in Medicine Symposium to highlight research benefiting patient care

On Friday, January 27, the Arts and Humanities Program will hold its fourth-annual Arts and Humanities in Medicine Symposium, "Music, Art and Humanities in Patient Care: Research and Practice."

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New Dartmouth Hitchcock trustees

Dartmouth Hitchcock Board of Trustees elects five new members

The Dartmouth Hitchcock Board of Trustees elected four new public trustees and one new physician trustee to the Board of Trustees during the Board's December 2022 meeting. Their terms were effective on January 1, 2023.

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Brandon G. Wilson, DrPH, MHA, Senior Director of the Center for Community Engagement in Health Innovation at Community Catalyst

Upcoming Dartmouth Health "Connect with the CEO" to address health equity, health systems innovation

Watch the discussion on the importance of person-centered care, disparities in person-centered care, and care preferences among different populations.

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Man receiving CPR

Amid increased public attention to cardiac arrest, Dartmouth Health's Heart & Vascular Center offers life-saving advice

"Recognizing a cardiac arrest, calling 911 immediately, performing CPR and using an AED as soon as it is available are critical for survival," said Mariell Jessup, MD, FAHA, chief science and medical officer of the American Heart Association.

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Talking to elders

Dartmouth Health offers tips for having advanced care planning conversations

Many avoid advance care planning because it is hard to imagine ourselves in a vulnerable situation and we’re fearful of giving up control of our care. But developing an advance care plan is actually about taking control.

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Heads Up: A year-long mental health awareness journey

Activities, seeing loved ones, telling stories are the best anti-depressants for older adults

With the help of the community mental health center, Ed Mahoney, PhD, started a program called Storytelling: Remembering Together, which invites people aged 65 and older to gather and share personal stories.

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Mental health and the older adult population

Mental health and the older adult population discussed in latest Heads Up Dartmouth Health webinar

Many older adults, as significant life circumstances change, are at risk of falling into routines that disconnect them from the things that are important to them, which will likely result in depression.

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Emily P. Zeitler, MD, MHS

Study led by Dartmouth Health cardiologist finds significant reduction in dementia risk for AFib patients

According to the study, AFib patients treated with catheter ablation had a 41 percent lower risk of dementia compared with those treated with anti-arrhythmic drugs.

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Dartmouth Health News Release

Dartmouth Health donates $20,000 to Bugbee Senior Center

"This contribution to Bugbee Senior Center is just one piece of our ongoing commitment at Dartmouth Health to improving health and equity in our community here in the Upper Valley," said Barbara G. Farnsworth.

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