Heads Up: A Year-long Mental Health Awareness Journey

Our new Heads Up webinar series focuses on important mental health topics that affect us all. We hope this webinar series will help drive the conversation and offer you mental health education and support.

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Topics include:

Webinar 1: Mental Health: A look at the past and imagining the future

In this segment, John Broderick and Dr. William Torrey reflect on long-standing challenges around mental health and look ahead to ways in which the tide is turning.

Webinar 2: Youth Mental Health - What are our children saying and are we listening?

Our panelists discuss specific concerns around youth mental health including:

  • Stress and anxiety brought about by the pandemic
  • Relationships with peers and parents
  • Pressures of school


  • Kay Jankowski, PhD, Director, Psychology Services, Dartmouth Health, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
  • Fern Seiden, MSW, Director of Student Wellness, Merrimack, New Hampshire School District
  • Natalie McLaughlin-Ray, 10th-grade student, Academy of Science and Design, and Girls Inc. Representative

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Webinar 3: Social Media and Youth – How do we strike a healthy balance?

Our panelists discuss specific concerns around social media and youth mental health including:

  • Depression, anxiety and anxiety disorders caused by excess engagement
  • The potential for destructive and constructive behaviors
  • How parents and caregivers can talk about social media with young people


  • Steven Schlozman, MD, Child Psychiatrist, Dartmouth Health Children’s
  • Heather Inyart, Executive Director of Media Power Youth, a youth development organization based in Manchester
  • Kenny Olibrice, an eleventh-grader at Manchester Central High School and a Youth Advisor for Media Power Youth

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Webinar 4: Student-Athletes – What are their unique mental health stressors and how can we support them?

Our panelists discuss specific concerns around youth athletics and mental health including:

  • Depression, stress, grief and identity crises caused by injury or changes in participation
  • How mental health affects physical performance and vice versa
  • The importance of setting milestones in recovery


  • Keith Loud, MD, Physician-in-Chief and a board-certified sports pediatrician, Dartmouth Health Children’s
  • Mark Hiatt, PhD, staff psychologist and Director of the Sport Psychology Program at Dartmouth College Health Services
  • Meghan Cramb of Merrimack, New Hampshire, a graduate student-athlete and member of the Lynn University Women’s Basketball team

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Webinar 5: Parents and other adults: How do we support children who are struggling?

Our panelists discuss how to be part of the solution for young people with mental illness:

  • How to spot the warning signs of depression and anxiety in kids and teens
  • Modeling healthy behaviors
  • Having conversations with young people about their struggles


  • James Craig, MA, PhD, Child Psychologist, Dartmouth Health Psychiatry
  • Lisa Hayward, PhD, Prevention Coordinator, Office of Social Emotional Wellness at the New Hampshire Department of Education
  • Diane Fitzpatrick, MS, Chief Executive Officer of the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester

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Webinar 6: Mental health and the criminal justice system

Our panelists discuss the intersections of mental health and criminal justice and the need for change:

  • How stigma around mental illness has led to justice systems prioritizing incarceration over treatment
  • The ways trauma and mental illness contribute to criminal behavior
  • How police and other first responders suffer with mental illness due to work-related stress and exposure to traumatic incidents


  • Samantha Morin, PhD, Dartmouth Health Lead Child Forensic Psychologist, Director of Clinical Services at Sununu Youth Services Center in Manchester and Vice Chair of the NH Juvenile Justice Reform Commission
  • David Goldstein, PhD, Behavioral Scientist and Chief of Police for the City of Franklin
  • Joseph Lascaze, Criminal Justice Reform Advocate and Smart Justice Campaign Manager for the American Civil Liberties Union of New Hampshire

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Webinar 7: Mental health of veterans and active military

Our panelists discuss the many unique and common mental health issues that can arise from military experience or transitioning to civilian life, and how we can support them:

  • How military experience can present unique challenges, as well as common mental illnesses
  • The ways stigma around mental health has evolved in the military
  • Tips on how to support veterans and their loved ones, and resources for veterans seeking help


  • Evan Bick, PsyD., an Army veteran and a mental health provider at Dartmouth Health
  • Patrick Jordan III, the Chief Operating Officer of Dartmouth Health and an Army veteran

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Webinar 8: Mental health and our older adult population

Our panelists explore the factors that create barriers to mental health for older adults and best practices to help lower those barriers and create healthy opportunities:

  • How accumulating loss can result in unprocessed grief.
  • Increased isolation among older adults, particularly during the holiday season.
  • Some ways older adults can start healthier habits and loved ones can be more proactive in helping.


  • Courtney Stevens, PhD, MA, a licensed clinical psychologist at Dartmouth Health and assistant professor of psychiatry at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
  • Ed Mahoney, PhD, a licensed psychotherapist with Bedford Counseling, an educator with the Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester, and co-founder of Storytelling: Remembering Together
  • Phyllis Whitney, a patient family advisor for Dartmouth Health who shared her personal experiences as an older adult

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Webinar 9: Mental health in the workplace

Our panelists explore the resources available to workers through employee benefits, how they work and how some companies might consider adopting those policies:

  • How Employee Assistance Programs work and how to make use of them.
  • Creating a culture of well-being and destigmatizing mental health in the workplace.
  • Spotting common signs of workplace stress and changes in mental health.


  • Luke Archibald, MD, Addiction Psychiatrist and Director of Addiction Services at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC)
  • Steve Cole, PhD, Lead Clinical Psychologist and Manager of the Dartmouth Health Employee Assistance Program
  • Rusty Fowler, Global Benefits Leader at Hypertherm, an employee-owned manufacturer with facilities in Hanover and Lebanon, New Hampshire

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