Mental Health

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Learn the tools for making your business one that supports employee health, wellbeing through Dartmouth Health virtual series

Employers who address substance use and mental health in the workplace have healthier employees, increased productivity and profits, and fewer injuries and accidents.

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“Loneliness is not a personal failing”: Dartmouth Health psychologist offers advice for forging connection, feeling better

The U.S. Surgeon General has issued a public health advisory about the dangers of loneliness, saying it impacts half of all American adults.

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New year, new baby? Support is all around from Dartmouth Health

While some level of anxiety related to pregnancy, birth and having a newborn is normal, welcoming a new baby, especially for pregnant or postpartum mothers, does not have to mean tolerating or ignoring mental health concerns.

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Start 2024 in a healthy mindset with tips from Dartmouth Health experts on managing, reducing stress

As the holiday season winds down, make a New Year's resolution to implement stress-relieving techniques into your routine.

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Dartmouth Health receives a $4 million grant to support youth and families impacted by substance use disorder and mental health

Dartmouth Health will convene a group of stakeholder organizations, selected school districts, local and state leaders to co-create and deploy methods to support mental health and prevent and treat substance use disorders.

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Dartmouth Health psychiatrist develops first-ever substance use disorder screening algorithm for patients with severe mental illness

Screening and referral algorithm promises to better patient outcomes, reduce costs and improve efficiency at acute psychiatric hospitals.

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Dartmouth Health shares suicide prevention tips and how to help struggling teens

September is Suicide Prevention Month, a time to raise awareness for a tragically common, yet entirely preventable, cause of death—especially amongst young people.

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Heads Up: A Year-Long Mental Health Awareness Journey

A look back at the past year: What we've learned about mental health and what remains to be done

The latest segment of the "Heads Up" webinar series looks back and discusses what was learned.

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Advocates say there’s a missing link in our detox system

This month, we explore substance use disorders and co-occurring mental illnesses, how they are treated, what programs are available and where there are still gaps in service.

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We’ve come a long way, but mental health advocates are still working to improve public policy

This month, we explore the public policies which have shaped our current mental health system.

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