Access your H and I Drives

After you log in to Secure Access you will be able to access files stored in your H, I, and other network drives.

Access your H drive

To access the files in your H drive, click My Files in D-H Applications.

Citrix Storefront My Files

The files you have saved to your H drive will appear in a new window.

Map your I (shared) drives

Follow these steps to map a shared drive.

  1. In the D-H Applications folder, click Network Drives.
    Network Drives

    The Mapped Drives dialog box opens.

  2. Click Add Department Share.
  3. In the “Drive Letter” box, select I.
  4. In the “Department Share,” box,  select your department’s shared folder. If you can’t find the shared folder you need, ask a colleague or contact the IS Help Desk.
    Mapped drives
  5. Click Map Drive.
  6. Close the Mapped Drives dialog box.
  7. Return to My Files to work with the content of your I drive.

Find a file on your H drive

To find a file when you are in your H drive, use the Windows Explorer search feature:

  1. Double click on the drive you want to search. (In this example, we will be searching the H drive.)
    Double click on drive you want to search
  2. Enter your search term in the search box at the upper-right of the window. Note that you search for specific terms. You can also search for files modified on a specific date or within a range of dates by clicking the Date modified button.
    Windows Explorer showing search box at top right